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WAHYD -The Game Changer

Wahyd Group Inc. is a technology power house, we initiate innovation, generate smart new projects, identify and create lucrative market opportunities to improve quality of life the world over. Wahyd travel service app is a technology startup by Wahyd Group Inc. It is a fusion of tradition and technology, providing e-hailing services competently.

Be Our Guest Because We Turn Miles Into Smiles

A convenient ride at your door-step.

No Peak Pricing

Peak or off-peak, your fare remains same

Earn credit

Be it a new user or an everyday ride, you keep getting free Wahyd credits

Future Booking

Book your ride in advance to save time and energy far ahead

You Drive You Earn

Be your own boss and drive your way to smooth earning.

Great satisfaction comes when you are at the wheel. So, get in complete control of your job, because you are your own boss here. Handsome earning, guaranteed payments, weekly bonus, makes driving for Wahyd worthwhile. So why wait? Sign-up now!